The launch of a new Brand is one our favorite campaigns to work on. This wireless company was launching for the first time in the USA. They are Latin America's largest wireless company where they own, they own the market, but in the US they lacked  brand awareness.  We launched their first campaign in the U.S. targeting Millennnials, GenXers and Gen Zers, as well as English, and Spanish-dominant Latinos. The multi-platform campaign included heavy digital, video, radio, social media, outdoor, including train station takeovers,  and events. This included US/Mexico border markets. Multiple events were created across the country to increase brand awareness and drive activations, increasing the number of new sign ups.


After the campaign ended, we had double digit gross adds, (new subscriptions), surpassing the client's goal.

Sneeze Catchers

PackageD Goods


The Challenge

The challenge was to defend and grow market share and climb up to be retake the sales leadership in the market of facial tissues to #1. Research showed that people were using toilet paper or napkins to blow their noses. We needed to convince Moms that using facial tissue and specifically our Client’s brand with special sneeze shield, was the only way to contain a sneeze. We communicated the unique brand benefit in a way that was fun and unexpected, with the help of their children. The program enlisted kids and made them into Superheroes, to stop and contain the sneeze! Kids joined by becoming “Certified Sneeze Catchers”.

The Backbone of the idea

Empower and enable kids to advocate on behalf of our Client’s Brand, enlightening friends, family and classmates about the protective shield, establishing the Brand as superior when compared to currently used substitutes.

Core Engagement Mechanism

Recruit Moms and their kids to become “Certified Sneeze Catchers” Through strategic partnerships, we teamed up with schools across the US.

We developed a 360 Integrated Platform that included, Broadcast, Digital, Social, Retail (Shopper Marketing), and Promotions. A website and a Facebook page were developed to drive traffic to the stores and for kids to sign up to become “Certified Sneeze Catchers”. Once the kids registered, they received Superhero kits that contained a mask, cape, and a badge that read “Sneeze Catcher”. The kits and information were provided to help themselves, their families, and their classrooms catch sneezes, helping to keep the stuff off their hands!



Sales went up within the first 3 months, increasing market share growth by +4.3%. surpassing all goals